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planet-erdeIn Collapse, a 2009 documentary directed by Chris Smith featuring ex-LAPD officer, Michael C. Ruppert, the former cop makes an analogy based on the sinking Titanic. There were three types of people on board, he says. According to Ruppert, the first type refused to believe the ship was sinking and sat in the bar enjoying the luxurious apertifs. The second panicked and went crazy trying to save themselves. The third, Ruppert says, asked, ‘How can we build a lifeboat?’

It’s the third type of person this forum is trying to reach. Collapsing into Consciousness is a massive web forum about consciously transitioning through all of the individual, collective, internal, and external changes and challenges that we face as old systems and beliefs collapse all around us. The forum’s mission is to help navigate these changes, this Great Turning, seeing it as a process, not an event. This broad scope of forums include a combination of the physical, emotional, and spiritual approaches to everything from preparedness, economics and money, governance, environment, community, getting local, energy, health, and much more, bringing as many aspects as possible.

We are not about tearing down the old systems as they are obviously perfectly capable of doing that themselves, and believe they are collapsing because they no longer serve humanity. What we are about is co-creating the new systems that make the old systems obsolete. Others who we consider to be conscious thought leaders in their respective fields are already joining us as moderators to help facilitate the forums. As these thought leaders come on board they change the site, improving it, making it fuller, more complete. Perhaps some of you will consider becoming a forum moderator.

We also feature a page that has one of the largest and most complete set of links assembled on the web, and with your help, the list will continue to grow, and this website will keep getting better and better at helping people transition through the shift that has already started.

Although this site began as my vision, it will ultimately be a co-creation of many and will be constantly evolving. Already growing, we invite you to this co-creative process dedicated to cooperation rather competition, unity as opposed to separation, and love instead of fear.

With Love and Optimism,



Note: Michael C. Ruppert committed suicide in April of 2014. After decades of struggle, the notorious doomsayer finally found fame and recognition. Then he shot himself.
The Verge

The Unbelievable Life and death of Michael C. Ruppert, by Matt Stroud


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