A Personal Story on Aluminum Poisoning

by Gary Stamper

author photo: over Western North Carolina

author photo: over Western North Carolina

To inform people is hard slugging. – Paul Craig Roberts.

I had to chuckle when I read this line from the previous article posted on this website. It is, oh, so true! While the number of people paying attention to the town criers like Carolyn Baker, Guy McPherson, Mike Ruppert, myself, and others, are increasing, most people are either still in denial or simply don’t want to hear it. And who can blame them?

I’ve been writing about the possibility of the end of the human race – or at the very least, the end of western civilization – since 2007. Think it’s hard to get people to face reality now? It was really lonely then.

So when the opportunity to talk about part of what’s going on on a personal level this morning presented itself, I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been fairly health conscious all my life, but when I met Anyaa, it really got amped up: Only organic foods, no microwave ovens, no processed foods, no big-ag or livestock; only whole and organic live-sprouted grains, supplements, no aluminum pans or foil, no cooking food in plastic containers, and on and on. We even grow about half of the vegetables we eat out of our organic gardens.

The reason we’ve adopted these policies is because we’re both acutely aware of is the possibility of aluminum toxicity, among other things: What I’m talking about is the kind of heavy metal toxicity one can get when they cook with tin foil, aluminum pots and pans, use anti-antiperspirants, drink soft drinks and beer in aluminum cans, use antacids, table salt, cosmetics, baking powder, and in drinking water as a flocculating agent (removes dirt), and processed cheese and is used to bleach flour. Because aluminum is found in food, water, air, and soil, people can become exposed to high levels of aluminum when they:

  • Drink or ingest substances containing high levels of aluminum
  • Breath aluminum dust in workplace air
  • Live in dusty environments
  • Live where aluminum is mined or processed
  • Live near certain hazardous waste sites
  • Live where aluminum is naturally high
  • Receive vaccinations containing aluminum

Recently, though, aluminum toxicity has increased precipitously. Today, nearly 80% of those tested for metal toxicity reveal excessively high hair aluminum levels. That’s how Anyaa and I discovered we had an aluminum problem. Our results from our hair samples came back yesterday and we had a conversation with our specialist this morning. Houston, we have a problem….

But, wait! We’re aware of the dangers and have taken extraordinary precautions and we’re still getting these “excessively high” readings of aluminum levels.

And, there’s more: Others who live close by us who have also been tested are also getting above normal readings. What’s going on here?

chemtrails3When the specialist asked if we had any idea where this might be coming from, I had an immediate answer:

“Except for the shutdown this last month, our skies are covered with chemtrails nearly everyday. It’s rare anymore for there to be pure blue skies as a result of the spraying that’s going on. The chemtrails contain fine aluminum particles that reflect sunlight back into space instead of heating up our atmosphere. The Government is spraying them because they know the planet s warming up and they’re trying to slow it down with unproven geo-engineering. The aluminum eventually drifts to the ground or by rain and poisons the soil and the water”

“Exactly,” replied the specialist.

If you’re not eating organically or paying attention to the possibility of aluminum accumulation in your body, you might want to have a tissue mineral analysis done. If, in addition, you live in an area where chemtrails show up frequently, you definitely want to get tested, whether other other sources of aluminum toxicity listed above exist or not. We used Analytical Research Labs, Inc to do our testing.

The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on aluminum confirms that aluminum is a poison that accumulates in the brain and tissues of the body. The MSDS on aluminum states the following under Ingestion: “Chronic ingestion of aluminum may cause Aluminum related Bone Disease or aluminum-induced Osteomalacia with fracturing Osteodystrophy, microcytic anemia, weakness, fatigue, visual and auditory hallucinations, memory loss, speech and language impairment (dysarthria, stuttering, stammering, anomia, hypofluency, aphasia, and, eventually, mutism), epileptic seizures (focal or grand mal), motor disturbances (tremors, myoclonic jerks, ataxia, convulsions, asterixis, motor apraxia, muscle fatigue), dementia (personality changes, altered mood, depression, diminished alertness, lethargy, ‘clouding of the sensorium’, intellectual deterioration, obtundation, coma), and altered EEG.

In simple terms, the most notable symptoms of aluminum poisoning are diminishing intellectual function, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate and, in extreme cases, full blown dementia and Alzheimers. Aluminum toxicity also causes bone softening and bone mass loss, kidney and other soft tissue damage and, in large enough doses, can cause cardiac arrest.” Source

author photo from early October 2013

author photo from early October 2013

To the debunkers (you’ll find them all over the internet), the U.S. Government and NASA have already admitted that they are “geo-engineering” in an attempt to cool down the planet (the official statement). What they are admitting to is the chemtrails (not to be confused with contrails) are mainly aluminum particles to inhibit sunlight radiation. Tests conducted under the chemtrails show that they also contain radioactive barium, fungi, bacteria, heavy metals, and often viruses, and enough aluminum to destroy soil.

Last, for those who claim these are only “contrails,” please explain why someone is spending billions of dollars to create global grids of contrails in our atmosphere?

We’re beginning a detoxing program that could take a year, but how can we mitigate the ingestion of aluminum under these conditions?


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