Breaking: Malaysian Flight 377 may have been hijacked by a USAF AWACS plane

E-3A_2007-11-NELLIS_0985_800Did the USAF hijack Malaysian Airlines Flight 377? It’s beginning to look like it might be the only plausible answer, and you’re not going to like why it was done.

Who benefits from the kidnapping of of 20 engineers from a top-flight Chinese engineering firm –  Freescale Semiconductor – who are probably higly placed defense engineers? Read this stunning article.

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6 Responses to “Breaking: Malaysian Flight 377 may have been hijacked by a USAF AWACS plane”


    Wow, it is too interesting and still unbelievable for your AWACS hijack theories. Despite the technical radar/transponders’ ingenuities which may sound scientific possible to many, in which I cannot disprove either, I do not believe the present U.S Administration would hijack a civilian plane and hide it with the 239 human beings without any CNN and other Media reporters being able to report it or comment about it. President Obama nor American including the C.I.A. do not believe in the principle of nihilism like Adult Hitler. The a God fearing nation. She cannot be heart hardened to blow down twin towers with up to 3000 people in it nor taking over a plane with 239 people with children and women inclusively abode.

  2. Ashley Brassard Says:

    it would be more plausible and realistic if you spelt all your words right

  3. Gary Stamper Says:

    If you’re following US writing conventions, use spelled.
    If you’re following UK writing conventions, use spelt.

    (If you’re referring to the wheat, use spelt.)

    BTW…it’s not my article…I’m just reposting, but it’s interesting that you’ve chosen to minimize the article this way instead of addressing the issues…

  4. Donny Says:

    Diego Garcia was in the neighborhood of their southeastern flight course if that is actually the direction MH-377 was flying that day.

  5. David Cavanah Says:

    The plane is in north korea were it will be repainted and armed the plane will be put in place of a normal flight to the USA

  6. Gary Stamper Says:

    Not likely, as it would not only have to refuel, but also have to pass through so many radar installations in so many countries without being noticed, but, hey, it’s as good a conspiracy theory as the rest of them.

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