Death and Rebirth, Endings and Beginnings

reincarnation-in-buddhismDevelopments on the planetary scale also deeply apply to the personal. Death has always been personal, whether it is our own or that of someone we love, an individual or a people. A particularly insidious death occurs when someone we love is dying of cancer, slowly wasting away, a once powerful presence fading as treatment after treatment is abandoned in hope of finding the next treatment to stop what appears to be more and more unstoppable.

I cannot help but be reminded of how very much like humanity’s dilemma this can be, whether it is in the death of a single person, endings, the collapse of a currency, an economic system, or perhaps even the demise of humanity itself.

In a culture where it is not acceptable to acknowledge the possibility of death on any level, denial is the only available path. None of us dare grieve lest we be responsible for the demise of whatever as a result of our negative thoughts and be shouldered with the blame… a sometimes-not-so-gentle reminder how important an on-going grief process is…and our present inability to grieve early because it gives the ending away.

A dear friend recently asked how I was doing. I guess as well as possible given what’s going on all around us. Some of us are obviously the fortunate ones so far. We have SO much, and there are so many things going on that make us realize how fragile it all is…and how collapse unfolds one story, one incident at a time, first slowly, then faster and faster.

Anyaa and I are in Scotland with 30 people visiting the prehistoric Callanish Standing Stones to use Shamanic Astrology to “redream the magical link between the Land and Sky, Soul and Spirit”…a more than worthy journey, especially at this juncture.  In August, we’re going to Cancun for a week’s vacation with another couple to deeply dive into the conscious expression of hedonism, beachfront suites, all drinks and food included….also worthy in our eyes for entirely different reasons.

In early May, I’m going to Napa to visit my cognitively deteriorating 89 year-old mother and my sister for a week. I seriously grieve not being able to have wonderful conversations with my mother any longer, and yet, I’m immensely grateful I can still visit with her, travel, enjoy each precious moment, and do these kinds of things for now.

I’m finding the Global Economic War, the likely Currency Reset, and the global shift that accompanies it most fascinating at this time, especially as the players are being revealed for who they really are, scrambling for power and control while all is failing around them. It’s like reading a very complicated drama with plot twists on every page/day, with other protagonists no one ever speaks about, and it continues to teach me more and more about who we are and how to be present in it…much the same as climate change and Fukushima, where the outcome isn’t the important aspect, but rather, how we act within the multiple frameworks of it all.
I’m planning on attending the Age of Limits Conference in Pennsylvania this year again over Memorial Day Weekend. I’m not going there to listen to more people speak about how we can ameliorate the effects of collapse in a false hope of somehow “fixing” what probably can no longer be fixed, but to assist mt friend Carolyn Baker in several processes that teach us how to be more fully human: gender work, fishbowls, and grieving processes, all exactly what I need at this time. I feel done warning others about what seems to be inevitable and no longer wish to sound any alarms that don’t have to do with healing the human soul, but can’t imagine what new worthwhile information will be presented that isn’t just more of the same.

I’m not interested in hearing new ways to say the same old things without hearing something new, or something that provides meaning and purpose. That’s also one of the reasons my presence on the Collapsing into Consciousness website has lessened: It appears I may have said all I have to say about about matters of Collapse, especially since no one really seems to be listening. I’m not really changing minds – altho’ some minds are changing as a result of what’s happening – the traffic has decreased, and even my Facebook postings seem to be having fewer and fewer comments, and I have to ask myself, “who am I serving,” and do I want to wallow in it by myself?

What I am interested in is being in service to others, particularly those who are seeking to live life to the fullest and the most conscious and expansive way possible, whether they have an awareness about what’s going on or not.

UPDATE, 4/15/2014:

After I wrote this article and posted it this morning, our Scotland group visiting the Callanish Standing Stones met for a scheduled Shamanic BreathworkTM session, one group in the morning and one group in the afternoon. I was scheduled to breathe – and did – this afternoon.

I knew my breathwork was going to be huge. As the title of the article implies, I had all this stuff coming up around “death and rebirth,” and I knew I was going to get to deal with it…and yet, every time I began to move into into grief, anger, and release, it wouldn’t quite come. It held back, lingered, just beyond my reach.

Tonight I found out why.

MikeOne of my mentors and heroes, Michael C. Ruppert, the former L.A. Police Narcotics Detective who uncovered the CIA and LAPD cocaine smuggling connection in the 1970’s, and who later became the subject of the 2009 movie “Collapse,” the author of several books, including 2004’s Crossiing the Rubicon.…., as well as one of the leaders of Peak Oil, and founder of the website “CollapseNet,” died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound on Sunday night after completing his last radio show, “The Lifeboat Hour,” with my friend and colleague, Carolyn Baker.

Michael was a man of deep integrity. Carolyn summed it up, writing, “Thank you Mike, for all of the truth you courageously told us. Thank you for all the people you awakened. I will miss you always.

For those who have followed Mike for many years and understand “conspiracy fact,” no, this was not a faked suicide. It was deliberate, intentional, and involved a great deal of planning by Mike. It is both terribly tragic and everyone’s divine right.”

I never met Micheal in person, but I’d had a couple of online conversations with him and was once a guest on his radio show when Carolyn hosted. During that show, Carolyn and I talked about the Integral Warrior and the roles of the masculine and feminine during the “collapse” we both knew was already happening.

Indeed…Thank you Mike, for all of the truth you courageously told us. Thank you for all the people you awakened.”

You will be missed.


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