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Community1There is only one way to join this community: Make a gift!

It doesn’t have to be money and it doesn’t have to be with us.

What we ask is that you commit to the gifting economy concept to help move that model along. Why a gifting economy? First, read this article by Gary Stamper which states:

“The way we use money is part of a dying system that no longer serves mankind. It creates scarcity, fear, and separation and the system as it has existed for over 5,000 years creates a world of “haves” and “have nots,” that allows the accumulation of wealth into fewer and fewer hands, leaving more and more people on the planet struggling for survival. But it’s not just the extreme wealthy that are at fault…It’s us, too, because we bought into the separation mode hook, line, and sinker!”

We’re creating a NEW model, that is not based on separation and scarcity, but, rather, abundance,, and it’s only one way of many ways that can work to help create a new awareness of models that can change our lives, and this gift membership model is out way of helping to create that new model that, in the words of R. Buckminster Fuller, “makes the old system obsolete.”

Besides that you can also support yourself, your family, your community, the planet, and to support this work this website has set out to do: Help people transition from the likely inevitable collapse of the systems all around us to the new world that we believe can be birthed if we stay conscious.

You’ll even see evidence of the work we’re doing on the front section the website (you’re in it, now) so we won’t go into that here.

What we will do here is tell you how you can participate in creating this “new story of the people,” as Charles Eisenstein calls it.

Here’s How the New System Works:

  1. Anyone can access the forums for free with registration if that’s what they need and/or can afford, or simply want to pay or not. We won’t be checking, and make no assumptions about why. You want it? Don’t want to pay? Okay.
  2. Anyone will be able to view the forums but without registering they’ll only see part of the posts (we’ve almost got that one figured out, which is what’s holding us up).
  3. True to the concept of a gifting economy, this is a “pay what you want” approach. In the registration form there will be a series of selections, something like this:
    • I can’t pay anything, but I’ll pay the gift forward where I can;
    • I’d like to gift a one-time donation
    • I can commit to a gift of $5 a month
    • I can commit to a gift of $10 a month
    • I can commit to a gift of $20 a month (let me help someone who can’t afford to pay anything)
    • and others…

What Do I get For My Gift?

It doesn’t matter what gifting level you come in with. The important part is that you’ll be participating  and supporting an economic model that has the potential to change the world…starting with changing ourselves.

In addition, you’ll have access to ALL of the forums, with no VIP memberships or hierarchical membership structure. More importantly, you’ll be able to participate in creating new models and solutions to problems ranging from the economy, the environment, food, preparedness, spirituality, practices, energy,  politics, population, medicine, community, getting local, conscious leadership, abundance, and on and on…and if we don’t have something you want to address, we’ll create a forum for it as we break down the barriers that isolate us as human beings.

moderators-wantedWe’ve tried to design the site to provide everyone with a way to participate, on whatever gifting level they can afford – or want to play at – and for however they wish to participate.
So, GO…without hesitation and get registered. Our moderators (at left, that’s me in front) want you to do this right away…fights boredom…keeps us busy…idle hands and all that….Hundredth monkey….will work for gifted bananas…

ONE LAST NOTE about registration: Because of the serious problem of spammers, your real name and location (city/state) are required but we won’t make them public. If you don’t give us your real information, you’ll be deleted and banned from the site. Sorry to have to do this, but it’s one of the ways we try to keep you and your information safe.
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