Finding Peace in Chaos: Challenges of the Great Turning

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The Great Turning is one of many names for the quintessential adventure of humanity: The shift from the Industrial Growth Society to a life-sustaining civilization that has already begun. At this time we don’t know if the Great Turning will happen in time for humanity and other species to survive, but we can see that it has begun.

The Great Turning, or transition, has traditionally been used by organizations or individuals in the environmental/sustainability domain to describe a paradigmatic shift of civilization towards the behaviors and values that would be necessary for a sustainable global civilization to flourish.

But, that turning will not be without its turmoil, pain, and suffering. That’s the story of all great change. In fact, that turmoil, pain, and suffering is also already taking place across the planet and wishful or magical thinking won’t make that go away. That’s why I’ve created this free online seminar:

Finding Peace in Chaos

In this free two-hour online seminar, we’ll look at what are the biggest problems we’re facing today:

  • Economic Collapse: Fragilities in the current global economy could tip the developed world into conditions not seen since the 1920s…or worse.
  • Peak Oil/Energy: Petroleum has powered the modern world for almost 100 years; today, many industry insiders say that we may be reaching a permanent peak in oil production.
  • Global Water Crisis: Over the last 50 years the human population has nearly tripled, while industrial pollution, unsustainable agriculture, and poor civic planning have decreased the overall water supply.
  • Species Extinction: Certain species that human beings depend upon for our food supply are going extinct; if their numbers fall too low we may face extinction ourselves.
  • Rapid Climate Change: While the debate rages on about the causes of climate change, global warming is an empirical fact. The problem is both a curse and blessing, in that people from different cultures will either have to work together or face mutual destruction.

We’ll look at some of the evidence, how this has happened, and can it be avoided or at least mitigated? We’ll look at the Five Stages of Grief so we can understand where we’re at, how can we talk to our friends and family, and how we can move from denial into acceptance.

We’ll also take a short look at what we can do, individually and collectively, to mitigate the Great Turning’s impact on ourselves, our families, loved ones, communities and even the planet, but we must begin our preparations for the emotional, spiritual, and physical turmoil now because there’s no time to waste. The changes are upon us.

Join me Saturday, June 29th at 2pm EDT (11am PST) in this timely free seminar as I introduce you to The Shamanic Path of Finding Peace in Chaos and the shamanic processes of figurative death and rebirth needed to transcend the chaos regardless of the outcomes of these changes.

Listen LIVE by calling in at (347) 838-8322  or listen to a rebroadcast later at Collapsing into Consciousness Radio.

This free online seminar is an introduction to an all-day seminar to be presented live at different location beginning later this summer. The all-day workshop will be free to CIC Enrolled Members.

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