The Big Slide is About to Happen – with update

the Big Crashby Gary Stamper

I know, I know…Even I get tired of me telling me that I called the 2008 crash, even though I did. Should add to my creds, but the truth is, I was just paying attention.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Nothing that caused the 2008 crash has been fixed, so what makes us think things are getting better besides the lies we’re told to keep us asleep while the biggest wealth transfer in history takes place? I just pay attention to the people who were right the first time and I’m paying attention again, and get ready, ’cause here it comes, one more time.

Here’s a series of articles that support the idea that the big one is coming. It may not be TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) for all of us, but it will be for many. Just one more big slide in a series of continuing slides because—for some reason—we refuse to wake up, in spite of the overwhelming evidence and probability that this one’s going to be much, much worse…

So who am I listening to? People like Chris Martenson of, Max Keiser, Michael Ruppert – founder of CollapseNet, Bill Gross of PIMCO, Robert Fitzwilson of the Portola Group, Gerald Celente, Eric Sprott, Peter Schiff,  and others.

Let us not forget that with every danger, there are also opportunities. If nothing else, we are presented with the opportunity to change who we are and how we view the world. While the prognosis is not good, there’s also a way to approach the coming times with consciousness and awareness so that we take advantage of our rising awareness for the benefit of a greater cause instead of our individual egos. But every minute we delay we increase the chances of failure through these opportunities.

Here is just a brief sampling of what these people are saying:

In the end, you’ll have to take responsibility for how you respond to these warnings, and it will be you—and possibly the ones you love—that will bear the consequences of your beliefs. It’s been said that Wall Street has become a casino, and, one way or another, it’s a bet you’re making whether you put your chips on the table or not. That’s just the nature of the world we live in today and of the Butterfly Effect.
UPDATE Mar. 3. 2013

From, off the World News Desk:

Insider Selling-To-Buying Hits Record As Biderman Welcomes “The New Recession”

“Following December’s aberrant jumps thanks to tax hike concerns, after-tax wages and salaries (net of inflation) have been shrinking year-over-year since the second week in January. But it gets better, withheld income and employment taxes have been running about 8.3% higher year-over-year. While retail is being told to buy-buy-buy, Biderman exclaims that “insiders at U.S. companies have bought the least amount of shares in any one month,” and that the ratio of insider selling to buying is now 50-to-1 – a monthly record. “So far the mass delusion is holding.””

Do you need any more convincing to get out of the markets, right now?

As I said the other day, we are in the “pump and dump” phase of the “recovery”, i.e., the crest of the wave in the stock markets from the 2009 lows. That wave is about to break.

Now we have the best single warning yet that a crash is imminent, and that is record setting insider selling. The insiders all know the bottom is about to drop out, or why else would they be selling the stock of their own companies?

Prepare, and protect yourself as best you can. – Wes

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