“Zombiefied Cities:” Staring Down The Barrel of Bankruptcy

via Carolyn Baker at Speaking Truth to Power

“Below is a list of cities on the edge of bankruptcy from Mish Shedlock. Although I don’t agree with his reasons for their demise, I think it’s important to to see the list of what he calls zombiefied cities.” – Carolyn Baker

Zombified Cities:

·  Philadelphia: 5th Largest City in US is Effectively Bankrupt; Mayor Holds Closed Meeting With Wall Street to Discuss Asset Sales
·  HoustonCPAs state Houston is Bankrupt
·  Los AngelesMayor of Los Angeles Says “Bankruptcy is Not an Option” (Of Course It Is)
·  New York CitiesPublic Pension Ponzi Scheme – New York Cities Borrow From Pension Plan to Make Contributions
·  BaltimoreTime for Baltimore to “Pull a Vallejo” and Declare Bankruptcy
·  MiamiMiami Commissioner Says Bankruptcy is City’s Best Hope; Chris Christie Says New Jersey Careens Towards Becoming Greece
·  ChicagoChicago’s Mayor Daley Discusses Bankruptcy For City Pensions 
·  ScrantonScranton Mayor Slashes All Public Worker Wages to $7.25 per Hour, Including Police, Fire, His Own; City Effectively Bankrupt
·  HarrisburgPennsylvania State Capital Files for Bankruptcy

Zombified Cities RoundupDetroit Becomes Dumping Ground for the Dead; Financial Urgency in Miami; Oakland Pension Time Bomb; How Pensions Crashed Stockton and San Bernardino

Read more at http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2013/07/moodys-downgrades-chicago-debt-citing.html#h3QxXmP4LQcIQY9o.99 

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  1. Collapse and the Changing Face of Suicide – Nature Bats Last Says:

    […] all over the U.S., including NYC, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Baltimore, and Miami among others, we can expect to see more and more pensions raided and perhaps millions with no way to support […]